Hippie Style Bouquet for American Rag

Blossom Ball 2012

We had the pleasure and honor to design the 2012  Blossom Ball at The New York Public Library for Padma Lakshmi and Doctor Tamer Seckin MD, who were hosting their 4th Annual Fund Raising for Endometriosis in support for their efforts to increase disease recognition, provide advocacy, facilitate expert surgical training, and fund landmark endometriosis research.

Padma Lakshmi envisioned for this Gala a Wonderland, Glamorous, Sexy and Mysterious full of uplifting fragrances.

The dinner took place in the beautiful Bartos Room. We created for her  14 feet high sculptures of Pink Cherry Blossom with  Pink Peacocks  who had their tails of feathers extended with hundreds of dendrobium orchids and curly willow swirling down.

As centerpiece giant Pink French Tulips, cascading blossoming Jasmine, pink Leptos and variegated foliage on tall clear glass vase for some tables and  tall Cherry Blossoms, sculptural Wisteria Vine, cascading Amaranths and hanging Lanterns on others were used that mysterious feel.

Each corner of the Room had diffuser with essential oils of Neroli, Roses, and Geranium Rose, some of Padma’s favorite fragrance, the whole room smelled divine.

The perfect and subtle lighting along with forest’s gobo projected on the walls and thousands stars on the ceiling made this event truly magic.

 It was a wonderful and challenging experience we wanted to share with you.

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Photo by Bennet Cobliner

Winter Decor at Madame Paulette NYC

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Valentine’s Day

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