January Birth Flower

The Birth Flower of January is Carnations

The meanings are Fascination, Distinction, and Love

A delicate and long lasting flower that has been revered for centuries. One of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers.

According to a Christian legend, Mary began to cry when she saw Jesus carrying the cross. Where her tears fell, carnations began to grow which may have been why the Pink carnation was chosen as a symbol of motherly love.

Carnations were used in many countries and many cultures. They were used to tell fortunes in Korea. Young girls would place three carnations in their hair. It signified that her last years would be difficult if the top flower died first. The earlier years would be difficult and hard if the center flower died first, and superstition held that her entire life would be miserable if the bottom flower died first

Unfortunately carnation is often perceived as a cheap unattractive flower when in fact it is a great beautiful one and when it is used the right way can create lush an amazing arrangement.

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